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Covid-19 Awareness

All necessary precautionary measures must be taken to limit interaction with people to avoid the risk of contracting COVID-19. Such measures include, but are not limited to, the following:

1) Only leave your home when absolutely necessary to get food or medication.

2) Restrict interaction with people when leaving your home to undertake essential chores.

3) Make use of the various apps available to conduct chores such as banking or ordering food.

4) Wash or sanitize your hands at regular intervals, especially when leaving or arriving back home.

5) If possible, avoid using public transport when leaving your home.

6) Avoid making use of public ablution facilities.

Take care of yourself and game as much as you can!!

Raving Mad Gamerz 2020 Events Board

Online Tournaments

  • 17 Feb Premier open Qualifiers
  • 5th April Summer League
  • 14th July Winter League
  • 12th October Spring League

LAN Tournaments 2021*

  • Apha LAN –
  • Delta LAN –
  • Omega LAN –
  • MADX LAN –
  • PenTa LAN –

*Note: Dates to be confirmed closer to the time


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Spring League Clan Entry Showcase W2

We will be posting this banner every week during the 4 week registration to showcase the first 24 clans that enter.

To qualify for the showcase, you must have completed entry in the Spring League in discord:
RavingMadGamerz photo

Raving Mad Spring League 2020
- 5 Week Round Robin
- Semi Finals and Finals
- Streamer opportunities for casters
- Unlimited amount of teams for tournaments
- 80% Prize pool returns
- Discord Registrations:
- How to register:
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Throw back Thursday!!

Siege LAN tournament held @numetro in @EmperorsPalace in April 2019

Amazing tournament with lots of great memories

So with Level 1 announced, should we look at hosting a LAN tourney, and if so what titles should be considered?

Ladies and Gentlemen,
We are proud to announce The Spring League 2020
Hosted by Raving Mad Gamerz and Team ASAX Gaming!!!
The best South Africa has to offer will go head to head to compete for the top prize.
Enter your team now at:
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Settling the score once and for all! Who will come out on top?
Walking into the arena on the 5th of October, only to walk out on the 9th. Tune in as RMG hosts an epic 5-day battle between the giants:
Sponsored by @SAJCfines
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