Raving Mad Gamerz is a South African gaming tournament organiser established in 2014, and owned by Hein “Zethanias” Labuschagne with support from his right-hand woman, René “Crematia” Venter. We host online and offline tournaments and Our aim is to increase awareness of esports in South Africa and get our cyber athletes to compete nationally and internationally. Although we are relatively new, we are one of the most ambitious local tournament organisers currently in the business and we hope to leave deep footprints in the esports scene. We have good relationships with our partners and sponsors, and have worked with some of the best in the business already such as Maverick Gaming, Nu Metro Gaming, The ARK Gaming, GINX TV and Rocket League Xpress.


Our database currently consists of more than 1700 players and over 190 teams, competing in the following gaming titles:

  • Rainbow 6 Siege
  • COD BO4
  • Rocket League
  • FIFA 19
  • Mortal Kombat 11
  • Fortnite
  • Apex Legends
  • Mobile Legends


We use various venues around South Africa for our local live events (LANs), and have at least 1 LAN planned per month (but mostly 2 to 3). We currently host free online Leagues in most of the above-mentioned games; these leagues comprise of Qualifiers, Division/Group-Play and Eliminations. Raving Mad Gamerz strives to break the barriers of standard set tournaments when it comes to hosting, and is a pioneer in the streaming and broadcasting of these tournaments. Our dedicated, highly active team on social media will strive to turn an average sit-at-home-player into a cyber athlete should you attend our LAN tournaments.

Services we provide to our clients:

  • Hosting of tournament
  • Tournament stats administration as 3rd Party
  • Referee on client hosted tournaments
  • Selling Merchandise at tournaments
  • Admin of registrations for 3rd party tournaments
  • Design of Clan Shirts / Caps / Hoodies / Jackets and other smaller merchandise
  • Design of Clan Logos
  • Set up of LANS for 3rd Party Clients
  • Marketing of Tournaments and Clans in social media and within the various communities


Website stats for the Year 2018 :

Number of visits :27 381

Number of hits : 2 166 738”

Please use our hashtag in your posts, #beravingmadaboutgaming

Promotional Videos of Tournaments

Raving Mad Gamerz 2019 Events Board

27 April – FiFa Freedom Day Invitational @ Corner Pub

4 May BO4 PS4 Black Ops 4 Knockout Tournament @ Maverick Gaming

18 May Fortnite Second LAN Tournament @ Maverick Gaming

19 May – Apex Legends First LAN Tournament 2019 @ Maverick Gaming

24 to 25 August MadX Woman’s Charity LAN @ Maverick Gaming (Siege, Clash Royale, BO4 and MK11)

31 August Third Fortnite 99 player LAN Tournament @ Maverick Gaming

1 September Apex Legends LAN Tournament @ Maverick Gaming

4th – 8th September Clearwater Gaming Expo Tournaments

20 October Forth Fortnite 280 player LAN Tournament @ Maverick Gaming

21 October First Fifa 64 player LAN Tournament @ Maverick Gaming

30 Nov & 1 Dec COD LAN @ MAverick Gaming


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Awesome having another ZA team representing on an international level

#ProudlySouthAfrican https://t.co/oFq6BuRfCl

Kicking off the #RocketLeague Online Winter Cup 2019 @eSportsWSG team #WSGSirius taking a 3-0 win over @xcqtioners team #Syndicate

Be sure to pop us a link when your games take place...some hot entertainment to keep us warm on the cold winter evenings

@RLXza https://t.co/DfCPVMEake
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Please let us know if you are joining us, be it as a competitor, social player, exhibitor or supporter at #MadX 2019 ...by confirming on the Facebook page please?

Feel free to share 😉


#EsportsZa #CODZA #Siege #MortalKombat #ClashRoyale https://t.co/wR9gNY4j2j
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Thinking of adding these must have #siege collectables to our online shop🤔

What say our @RainbowSixZA
#siegeza Community? https://t.co/C8tg5kOk0W
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#CODZA entries are open for the #MadX 2019 Charity lan and Tournaments @MaverickGamin13

Let's push for a 16 team double elim

Tournaments will be live streamed, with celeb casters.....and we will have exhibitors the whole weekend

#beravingaboutgaming https://t.co/hsXi4bjH0n
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