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Hi. I’ve made a change in team members how can I edit it on Raving Mad Gamers? We have already registered for the Apex LAN tournament for 1st of September

Hi Tiaan

Please contact us in our discord to assist with the process of correcting a team, or click on the log a ticket tab


Hi im the captain of atomic esports in the lan on the 7h of September. (rocket league) I would like to register my 2 teammates to the roaster but I don’t know how and I didn’t get a email when I registered. Please advise
Kind regards logan

Hi there, best would be to register the 2 players on a new registration and they will be added to the team.. so go to our home page and hit the register button

Hi my team somereason only has 4 members registered for the comp i need to updatethat.

Please log a ticket in discord

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