Clash Royale Rules

Tournament Discord Bot Structure

What to do before Registration closes and Roster Locks happen?

1. Teams Managers should check that their teams are on the leaderboards on the website -> Tournaments

2. Team Managers should check that their players are correct using the Bot 3. Teams not competing in tournaments should let @RMGZ Admin know before registration closes

How does the Matches work?

1. Match channels shall be created prior to 9 am on Mondays and Team Managers will be added. -> contact @RMGZ Admin if your match channel has not been created after midday.

2. Discuss time and date with opponent in match channel. Remember to @Tag each other for notifications to be sent

3. Once date and time is set -> acceptance in the match panel is required, ensuring the bot has confirmed both Team Managers have accepted

4. Game is Played – Remember to take screenshots of scores to not incur penalty’s

5. Use the match channel to report scores -> This will not work if step 3 wasn’t completed

6. Post screenshots of Match scores

7. Opponent to accept the score -> Match isn’t complete till this is done


  • Add your opponent as a friend by going to Friends, Invite Friend. Copy the invite code to your clipboard and past it in your match discussion. This will allow your opponent to add you as a friend.
  • Once your opponent is on your friends list, click on their name and click on Friendly battle
  • Play 3 Friendly battles and report the results on the match page

Tournament Settings

  • Match type: 2v2
  • Mode: Best of 3

Only normal match mode may be used

Match Creation

  • Player on the left creates first match request
  • Player on the Right creates Second match request
  • Player on the left creates Third match request

Decks and Cards

  • A player can change their deck between battles.
  • Players can use any cards they wish in their deck.

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