Game Information

Game Format:  Control, Hardpoint,  and Search and Destroy

Match format: Best of 5 Games (5 points win, 2 points Draw, 0 points Loss)

Fielded players: 5
Players per team: 5
Reserves per team: Recommended 2
Roster Lock: ON (Transfer windows will be provided)

see cup specific rules for more information on rules

Please join up Team Captains to  –

To contact on more information on tournaments or hosting of tournaments –


Tournament Format:

Qualifier – Round 1 – 5 Week random seed round robin

Divisional Play – Round 2 – 7 – 9 week Round robin (Team Dependent)

Playoffs – Double elimination held at Arnold Classic

Requirements – 16 Teams Minimum


Rule Set:

All game modes to be set to CWL rules




—   Arsenal

—   Frequency

—   Gridlock

—   Seaside


Hardpoint Maps:

—   Arsenal

—   Frequency

—   Gridlock

—   Seaside

—   Hacienda


Search and Destroy Maps:

—   Arsenal

—   Frequency

—   Gridlock

—   Hacienda

—   Payload


Enforced Gentleman’s agreements

The following Specialist is restricted from use in RmGz competition:

  • Nomad
  • Ajax
  • Torque

Specialist Equipment

The following Specialist Equipment is restricted from use in RmGz competition:

  • Grapple (S&D Only)
  • Sensor Dart
  • Reactor core
  • Tac Deploy (Hardpoint and S&D only)

Other Restrictions:

The following will be restricted for competitive play.


  • RCXD
  • Dart


  • Armour
  • Diamond Camo on all weapons