RmGz Eventz

Current Events (Closed Registrations)

– Call to Duty Summer Cup till 5 March 2018

– Mobile Legends  – Making OF Legends till  5 March

– Siege AST10 Cup till f Mid April

Upcoming Events (Open Registrations)

– Battlefield 4 Squad Obliteration Tournament  (Registrations close 10 March 2018)

– Mobile Legends open Africa Tournament to start (Registrations close 25 March 2018)

– CSGO Open Africa Winter Cup  (Registrations close 25 March 2018)

– Call of Duty WW2 open Africa Winter Cup  (Registrations close 29 April 2018)

– Siege AST10 Winter Cup (Registrations close 29 A


**if you are interested in any of these tournaments please register today on our register a team page, and we will keep you updated.