Fortnite Penta Lan

Game Information
Game Format:Fortnite
Match format: Solo
Fielded players: Depends on Tournament
Players per team: Depends on Tournament
Reserves per team: Depends on Tournament
Roster Lock: Depends on Tournament
Please join up Team Captains to
To contact on more information on tournaments or hosting of tournaments –

How it works for Fortnite Solo LAN

Players will set up the on specific seating, a custom key code will be announced and all players are required to join.
Players not joining during the announcements shall be excluded from the round and shall not be given average (APex)
The game will be played until there is a winner
Points allocated will be the following:
  • Placement
    • 1st: 3 points
    • top 5: 2 points
    • top 15: 2 points
    • top 25: 3 points
  • Kills
    • 1 for each kill
Tiebreakers will be determined in the order presented here: (1) total points scored; (2) total Victory Royales in the session; (3) average eliminations in the session; (4) average placement per match in the session; and finally (5) a coin flip.