Fortnite Penta Lan

Game Information
Game Format:Apex Legends
Match format: Solo, Duo or 3v3
Fielded players: Depends on Tournament
Players per team: Depends on Tournament
Reserves per team: Depends on Tournament
Roster Lock: Depends on Tournament
Please join up Team Captains to
To contact on more information on tournaments or hosting of tournaments –

How it works for Apex Legends

Players will set up the matches as per the fixtures created by the Raving Mad Gamerz bot. After the $matchschedule is used and the match channel is created, team captains decide on time and date, the match will be set.
When the match starts the bot will give out a unique Match ID, this ID will be used to send a message on PSN and adding the ID before taking the screen shot. (APex)
The game will last 2 hours and the best 3 screenshot will be posted when the bot requests them as well as summed up kills and placements scores.
Points allocated will be the following:
  • Placement
    • 1st: 12
    • 2nd: 9
    • 3rd: 7
    • 4th: 5
    • 5th: 4
    • 6th – 10th: 2
    • 11th – 15th: 1
    • 16th – 20th: 0
  • Kills
    • 1 for each kill
If the match ends in a draw, the highest placing score will be used to allocate the Win for Apex
Screenshot example PS4
Screenshot example PC
Stream screenshots will be allowed, as long as the scores are clearly visible and the time and date, also Raving Mad Gamerz should be mentioned in the Title for us to locate it should there be any queries, the stream should also be a public stream, and not private or unlisted.



Tournament Rules

1. Behave in a respectful manner toward tournament officials, other players and spectators, and steer clear of any unsportsmanlike conduct during the event 2. Arrive on time and ready for the start of the tournament and at the start of each match as specified on the tournament page. 3. Bring any infractions (rule or policy) you notice to a referee or tournament organizer’s attention in a private message. 4. Bring any discrepancies in match record to a referee or tournament organizer’s attention immediately in a private message. 5. Refrain from enrolling in tournaments you’re not allowed to participate in 6. Be familiar with whichever rules the tournament organizer is using (especially these) 7. Adhere to not leaking information of the tournament and respect the delay in force on twitch stream. We don’t want any spoilers. 8. Ensure that you do NOT leak the password of each server and notify a tournament official immediately if a member of your team or another player has leaked the password in a private message.


1. Ensure you have a mininum of 5 minutes of delay on your stream. 2. Please make sure your mods discourage any spoilers. 3. Please make sure your mods timeout any viewers who try to pass on information about the tournament from other streams.


Mirimar settings:
1.5x AR
1.3x SR
1.3x DMR
1.0x attachments
1.0x ammo
1.0x scopes
1.0x meds
No Redzones
No Cosmetics
Only Sunny/Sunset.