How to Register

How to register:

You must be in discord to compete in our tournaments – join discord :
Online Registrations are done as follows:
– Purchase a Ticket – (If not free only)

In Discord:

-Type !view in the #the-view-channel

– Use the #register channel sign up – Follow the prompts
– Use the #main-menu channel and select Team Menu – Bot will DM you
– Follow Bot queries to create team – Have a 500 x 500px logo ready to go (under2mb – have this ready)
– Add Player Names 1 by 1
– Go Back to #main-menu channel – Select Tournament & League Menu
– Bot will DM you – Select Manage tournament/league registration – Sign up for Tournament
– (Use ticket/order number from step 1)
– Existing teams sign-up – #main-menu –> Tournament & League Menu –> View current/upcoming leagues/ Register for a league


– If payment is not received, entrance to tournament will be denied, and you will need to complete step 1 again
View the Tutorial video if you are unsure on how to enter:
– To contact an admin for any questions in discord: #contact-rmgz-admin

If its a FREE Tournament – Type the Word “Free Ticket” as the ticket ID when the bot asks for it.

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