Mobile Legend Rules

Game Information
Game Format: Best of 5 tournament setting
Match format: 5v5
Fielded players: 5
Players per team: 7
Reserves per team: 2
Roster Lock: yes
Please join up Team Captains to –
To contact on more information on tournaments or hosting of tournaments –

1. Tournament Bracket

A. 8 teams limit

B. All matches will be played online.

C. The tournament isa round Robin Tournament Mode

D. No Groups

E. Top 8 teams participating must have a distinguishing uncopyrighted team logo.

2. Match Rule

A. A match refers to the games being played between team A and Team B – BO3.

B. A game refers to the current game being played between team A and team B.

C. The mobile application to be used is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (Developer: Moonton).

D. Match starts – The team on the top of the bracket will have the choice for which side they play. For best-of-three series, a coin toss will be made. The winner of the coin toss will have the choice for which side they play on the first game of the best-of-three series. The other team will choose sides on the second game.

E. Match ends – The first team to destroy the opposing team’s Base wins, the first team to surrender loses or teams that are found not following the rules disqualified.

F. The game mode used in: Tournament Mode

G. Disconnecting players shall reconnect as per the rules stated in RMGZ

H. In the case of a server crash, the game can be continued from a new draft but has to be the same lineup.

All score capturing shall be done as stated in the RMGZ rules


3. Match preparation

  1. Pick/Ban Process

All  teams will go through the coin toss process to determine their picks and bans.

  1. Game setting
    1. Map: Tournament Mode (5V5)
    2. Game type: Draft Pick

4. Pick/ban phase and pick priority

  1. Game restrictions

If there is presence of a known bug in any device, hero, skin, emblem, or any skill, or any other reason determined by RMGZ Officials, the RMGZ Officials may add in a restriction at any time before or during the match.

  1. Pick process
  •   Best of 5 – First game – Coin toss , 2nd game alternate pick priority, third game alternate, fourth game alternate pick priority, 5th game new coin toss.
  1. Pick Priority
    1. Draft Pick

The pick/ban order will follow the default sequence set in the game.

    1. Wrong pick

If a team has picked/banned a hero by mistake, the game will still be continued. There will be no remakes due to wrong pick/ban.

  1. Swapping heroes

If there is a mistake due to player negligence when swapping heroes, the match will still continue. Exchanging devices is not allowed under any circumstance.Pick priority will only be applied to the grand finals team who are from the upper bracket .

  1. Game starts after pick/ban phase

The game will immediately start after the pick/ban phase unless there are other instructions from the RmGZ Admin.  Players are not allowed to leave the game in between the period after pick/ban phase is complete until the game starts.

  1. Connection problem

If a problem occurs during game loading due to the presence of a bug, disconnection or other errors and a player fails to join the match after the game has started, then the game must be paused until all 10 players are connected to the game (this is only valid for hosted matches).

For matches where there are no referees present, it is the players responsibility to ensure that their data connection is good.

5. In game

  1.    Pauses are allowed during officially-hosted team fights if it is a critical error such as
  •     More than 3 players disconnect / crashes during the game.
  •     Both teams devices are unplayable.

Definition of team fight – more than 1 player from one team is engaged ( skills or normal attack ) with another team with more than 1 player also involved in the exchange of blows.

6. After game

  1. The captain of the winning team must submit the screenshot result in Discord with the hero icon (not avatar icon). In the case there’s no updates after some time, kindly notify the RMGZ Admin about it.