Tournament Discord Bot Structure


What to do before Registration closes and Roster Locks happen?


1. Teams Managers should check that their teams are on the leader boards on the website -> Tournaments

2. Team Managers should check that their players are correct using the Bot

3. Teams not competing in tournaments should let @RMGZ Admin know before registration closes


How does the Matches work?

1. Match channels shall be created prior to 9 am on Mondays and Team Managers will be added. -> contact @RMGZ Admin if your match channel has not been created after midday.

2. Discuss time and date with opponent in match channel. Remember to @Tag each other for notifications to be sent

3. Once date and time is set -> acceptance in the match panel is required, ensuring the bot has confirmed both Team Managers have accepted

4. Game is Played – Remember to take screenshots of scores to not incur penaltys

5. Use the match channel to report scores -> This will not work if step 3 wasn’t completed

6. Post screenshots of Match scores

7. Opponent to accept the score -> Match isn’t complete till this is done



Tournament Structure


Match Format:

League – Bo5, Semi Finals – Bo5, Finals – Bo7



Match Schedules:

Fixtures will be set up on Monday Mornings, and match channels created before midday. Team managers are expected to arrange the game schedule and set the time and date using the bot.

Matches are to be completely played and scores before 10pm on Sunday per week, as well as screenshot posted in the match channel for admin verification purposes.

All rules stated in the main rules page shall be complied to!!


Rule set:

Competitive Map Options:

Map rotation:

After a game Map order:
Single Map (as per the map elimination process)
Return to lobby: After a game (1 match = min 3 games, max 5 games)
Map Control Point: All Map Option: Disable all maps except for the map that is to be played.
Hero options: ​Available Hero Pool: Only heroes that are enabled in the “Competitive Play” mode of Overwatch may be used.
Hero Bans: In an extreme case of a bug existing within the current patch of Overwatch, the tournament administrator may enforce a hero ban for any duration of time.
Hero selection limit: 1 per team Respawn as random hero: Off Allow Hero Switching: On Role selection limit:
Gameplay Options High bandwidth: On Control
Game mode format: Best of 3
Health modifier: 100%
Damage modifier: 100%
Healing modifier: 100%
Ultimate charge rate modifier: 100%
Respawn time modifier: 100%
Ability cooldown modifier: 100%
Disable skins: On
Disable health bars: Off
Disable kill cam: On
Disable kill feed: Off
Headshots only: Off
Team Options Team balancing: Off
Minimum Latency (Milliseconds): 150
Victory Conditions: A match is won when a team has won 3 of the 5 maps played. Assault On Assault maps, the attacking team which captures the most control points wins.
Escort On Escort maps, the attacking team which escorts the payload the furthest wins. If neither team manages to move the payload at all, the match results in a tie and overtime must be played (Please read section 13. Overtime).
Hybrid On Hybrid maps, the attacking team which captures the control point and/or escorts the payload the furthest wins. If neither team captures the control point, the match results in a tie and overtime must be played 
Control The first team to score 2 points wins 
Overtime (Control) The Team that manages to capture the first objective fully, on the first point of the control map will win the tied map
Draws: If any individual map ends in a draw, a tiebreaker map will be played immediately. The winning team from the previous map picks which side they play on.
First tiebreaker map to be played, if needed: Lijiang (best-of-5 stages – BO7 and BO9 games will be decided in future)
Second tiebreaker map to be played, if needed: Nepal (best-of-5 stages – BO7 and BO9 games will be decided in future)
Map Pool Map Elimination process:
Map Selection:
Control –
Escort –
Hybrid –
Assault –
Control (BO5)
The higher seeded team selects the first map to be played. Thereafter, the loser of the previous map chooses the next map, and the winner selects which side to start on.
Control maps
Escort maps
Hybrid maps
World King’s Row
Assault maps
Temple of Anubis
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