Penta Lan

30 Nov Fortnite Penta LAN

RankPlayerTeamPlacement ScoreTournament ScoreTournament DayLAN SeatMad CoinsKills
1rsaLAG TrashKidLAG890025001
2rsaCivilYeti YTSolo17220025005
6rsaBravado kareemBravado345600250022
9rsavG Trix31380025007
10rsaaG DexAnarchy Gaming27330025005
12rsaEclipse SycoEclipse395500250016
13rsaʳᵃⁿᵏᵒ-РанкоNavy Esports19220025003
14rsaLimgraal .Limits405500250015
16rsaLetzlerW Earner28370025009
18rsaAvidity PhantømAvidity13140025001
19rsaBravado NeymarBravado Gaming365200250016
21rsaReverse KotirNone243400250010
23rsaBstrucTGamer 1660025000
25rsaZeus ZinCNone22240025002
26rsaTwitch PopCoolTwitch PopCool22250025003
27rsaLAG CursedLAG22260025004
28rsaVeGa RIZESolo425800250016
29rsaSaint NateSolo13160025003
30rsaVg Cashie28340025006
31rsabvd beanbvd bean415100010

1 Dec Apex Legends Penta LAN

PosTeamLadder Score

1 Dec COD MW Penta LAN

PosTeamMSFLadder ScoreNext MatchPenaltyGames PlayedWinsLossLAN SeatMad Coinz
Rules to Be announced.

30 Nov – 1 Dec PC Siege Penta LAN

PosTeamMSFMSALadder ScoreNext MatchPenaltyGames PlayedWinsLossLAN SeatMad Coinz

30 Nov – 1 Dec PS4 Siege Penta LAN

PosTeamMSFMSAForfeitLadder ScoreNext MatchPenaltyGames PlayedWinsLossLAN SeatMad Coinz

LAN events and Match Guidelines

Role of Referees


Referees are responsible for making judgments on every match related issue, question and situation which occurs before, during and immediately following match play.

Their oversight includes, but is not limited to:

  • Checking team lineup before match
  • Inspection for third party devices on gaming gear
  • Checking and monitoring players line of sight and match area
  • Announcing the beginning of the match
  • Issuing penalties in response to rule violations during the match
  • Score keeping
  • Confirming the end of the match and its result

Referee Conduct

At all times, referees shall conduct themselves in a professional manner, and shall issue rulings in an impartial manner.

Final Judgement

If a referee makes an incorrect ruling, the ruling may be subject to reversal. Raving Mad Gamerz admin shall at their own discretion, evaluate the decision during, or after the match to determine the proper procedure was used to allow for fair decision. Raving Mad Gamerz admin may disallow the decision of the referee should it be deemed necessary. Raving Mad Gamerz admin will always have the final say in all decisions before, after and during matches.


Participants must wear appropriate team attire or attire that complies to clothing requirements . Raving Mad Gamerz Admin reserve the right to prohibit the use of clothing that is deemed inappropriate. Shirts provided by Raving Mad Gamerz must be worn on stage.

Pants such as jeans or slacks, are required. Joggers sweatpants, and shorts will not be permitted. Close-toed shoes are required, and flip flops or sandals will not be permitted.

Gaming Area

Unless otherwise stated, participants may not bring or consume any food in the gaming area. Smoking is strictly prohibited. Exaggerated loud noises and offensive language is prohibited and may be punished with penalties such as disqualification. No violent conduct or personal attacks shall be allowed, neither verbally or physically


Each Team must nominate at least one player to be available for interviews before, during or after the match. Raving Mad Gamerz reserves the right to choose which player to interview. Chosen players may not refuse to conduct an interview, such behavior may result in a penalty. No w verbal abuse or attacks on other players or teams will be tolerated during such interviews. No swearing allowed

Press Conference / Signing / Photographs / Video Sessions

Teams are required to provide players to participate in press conferences, autographs signing, photo shoots, video shoots or otherwise upon request from Raving Mad Gamerz Admin.

Winners Ceremony

All participants may be required to stay in the tournament arena for the final winners ceremony after the final match.

Pre-match Setup

Match Rescheduling

All matched must be played in accordance with the Match Schedule provided by Raving Mad Gamerz Admin. Raving Mad Gamerz admin reserves the right to reschedule matches for any reason at any time.

No Show

The Match schedule is extremely important and keeping to the time or accelerating the schedule is at the discretion of the Raving Mad Gamerz event coordinator. Players are expected to be ready to play at any time of the event as required by the Raving Mad Gamerz Tournament Coordinator.

All payers are expected to be present with a full eligible roster 90 minutes before the schedule game. A team that cannot provide a full and eligible roster 10 minutes before the scheduled match will automatically forfeit the match and receive a score loss penalty or play with a player short. Under no circumstances may a team start a game with less that 4 players.

Delays caused by players that are not ready to compete at the scheduled time may result in a disqualification. Raving Mad Gamerz admin reserves the right to withdraw a Team account from any team with repeated no shows.

Warm Ups

A period of 30 minutes may be provided before a scheduled match, this time period is not guaranteed though.


Raving Mad Gamerz will provide Monitors to be used for the Competition (Unless otherwise stated). Participants must bring their own controllers,PC or consola and in-ear headphones, and any other equipment needed. Equipment must include cables of reasonable length.

Participants required to supply their own equipment must ensure that all cables, plugs, two-pins etc etc are brought with for their use.

Removable Media

Connection or using removable media on the tournament equipment without prior examination and approval from Raving Mad Gamerz is strictly forbidden and prohibited.


Additional Requirements

All playstations being used MUST have PRIMARY ACCOUNTS ACTIVATED.

  • All TEAMS must be at venue 1h30m before game scheduled time.
  • Any special 2 pin plugs must be brought with for event, RMGZ will supply 3 pin power supply point.
  • All power supplies / cabling must be brought with for Monitors, consoles, PCs etc.
  • Any Device that gives an advantage over another player MAY NOT be used eg,modded controllers, 3rd party Devices or MnK
  • All team members to report to reception on arrival and receive station allocated number.
  • All spectators are to pay specified entrance at reception prior to entering the event, should that be applicable
  • No stretched view
  • No mouse and keyboard on console
  • No modded controllers with dual buttons
  • No shouting or swearing - getting excited about the game is normal and natural but no aggressive behavior will be tolerated.
  • No players are allowed to play from a remote venue, during a lan event
  • No live streaming is allowed, unless authorized by the RMGZ Tournament council.
  • You may not exchange your allocated station with another player during the event.
  • You are not to leave your allocated station after your game, untill a RMGZ or NMG referee has taken down your score.
  • NO smoking/vaping/hubbly allowed in the venue - there is a designated smoking area right outside of the venue.
  • You are only allowed to play under the gamertag/PSN that you are registered under for the particular event.
  • If you experience any problems during your session, please lift your hand and a RMGZ referee will attend to you - please don't shout or walk around


Note: all rules are applicable to online and offline games unless Raving Mad Gamerz admin deems it not to be.

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