Siege Rules

Tournament Discord Bot Structure

What to do before Registration closes and Roster Locks happen?

1. Teams Managers should check that their teams are on the leaderboards on the website -> Tournaments

2. Team Managers should check that their players are correct using the Bot 3. Teams not competing in tournaments should let @RMGZ Admin know before registration closes


How does the Matches work?

1. Match channels shall be created prior to 9 am on Mondays and Team Managers will be added. -> contact @RMGZ Admin if your match channel has not been created after midday.

2. Discuss time and date with opponent in match channel. Remember to @Tag each other for notifications to be sent

3. Once date and time is set -> acceptance in the match panel is required, ensuring the bot has confirmed both Team Managers have accepted

4. Game is Played – Remember to take screenshots of scores to not incur penaltys

5. Use the match channel to report scores -> This will not work if step 3 wasn’t completed

6. Post screenshots of Match scores

7. Opponent to accept the score -> Match isn’t complete till this is done

Banned cosmetics

Cosmetics that are listed as banned, are not allowed in Pro League matches.

List of currently banned cosmetics:

●Outbreak Collection

●Wind bastion Bundle

●Blood orchid Bundle

●Twitch & Valkyrie Elite

●Ember Rise bundle

●Seared Flats bundle

●Satellite bundle

●Wanderer Bundle

●Desolate Bundle

elites for valk and twitch

Street smart uniform and Honcho head gear

North Star Bundle


If any team will spot their opponents using one of the banned cosmetics in any round, they should notify the tournament administration and opposing team manager in discord, before the next round, the penalty for using a banned cosmetic, is loss of round where the cosmetic was used and proven.

The announcement of the banned skin shall be before the next prep phase and in the discord match channel, the opposing team manager shall be tagged. Failure to do so shall result in no match loss from the team using the banned skin? Should a claim of banned skins used be submitted after the match, only 1 round score shall be awarded.


Osa is not allowed to be used!

All other operators are allowed, unless stated otherwise.

Game Settings

Playlist Type: Normal Mode

Server Type: Dedicated Server (South Africa)

Voice Chat: Team Only

Time: Day

HUD Settings: Pro League

Match Settings:

Number of Bans: 4

Ban Timer: 20

Number of rounds: 12

Attacker/Defender role swap: 6

Overtime Rounds: 3

Overtime Score Difference: 2

Overtime Role Change: 1

Objective rotation parameter: 2

Objective Type Rotation: Rounds Played

Attacker unique spawn: On

Pick Phase Timer: 15

6TH Pick Phase: On

6TH Pick Phase Timer: 15

Reveal Phase Timer: 5

Damage handicap: 100

Friendly fire damage: 100

Reverse friendly fire: Off

Injured: 20

Sprint: On

Lean: On

Death replay: Off


Plant Duration: 7

Defuse Duration: 7

Fuse Time: 45

Defuse Carrier Selection: On

Prep Phase Duration: 45

Action Phase Duration: 180


Game Specifics

Map pool

Club House


Kafe Dostoyevsky





Banned operators

In the event that the opposing team is playing with a banned operator in the action phase, a protest must be opened with a screenshot in which the operator is clearly visible during the action phase. Playing as a banned operator results in a round loss.


Below is a list of known intended and unintended game mechanics. Using these glitches/bugs will result in a round loss for the team that uses it, further penalties if used again by the same team during the tournament.

Not allowed

Standing on a window ledge undetected

Shield boosting on to non-visual window ledge

Abuse of one way shooting mechanisms

Glitching through walls, objects, surfaces etc at any moment

Blocking window vaulting with a destructible shield

Shooting through what non-destructible walls/floors/ceilings/objects

Using a Mira shield to boost

Placing a Valk camera in a place where it cannot be destroyed

Placing a Maestros Evil Eye on Alibis decoy

Allowed Actions

any position that you can get to and out of without glitching through walls/objects/surfaces, and you can be seen and shot at normally

shield boosting

shield boosting onto a detected window ledge


Forbidden on Consoles

If a player is suspected of using an illegal device eg. Mouse and Keyboard, sufficient evidence needs to be provided. High Sensitivity does not automatically prove the use of Mouse and Keyboard.

Any changes to sprites, skins, scoreboards, and crosshairs are not allowed. Only the official models are allowed. If a player plays with custom files (not models) or removed files that have been installed by the game, then this will be penalized.

Forbidden on PC

Any modification or changing of the game using external graphics solutions or other 3rd party programs is strictly prohibited.

The use of the following programs is considered cheating: Multihacks, Wallhack, Aimbot, Colored Models, No- Recoil, No-Flash, Macros, Sound changes, and Graphical changes through third-party tools. These are only examples, other methods may be considered cheats as well.

Furthermore, it’s forbidden to use any kind of overlays which will show the usage rate of the system in any way in-game (e.g. Nvidia SLI Display, Rivatuner Overlay, Nvidia Profile Inspector). Overlays that show the frames per second (FPS) are permitted.

Spawn killing

Spawn killing which results in a kill of an attacker during the first 2 seconds of action phase is not allowed. Doing so will result in a round loss for the defending team. Any kills happening after 2 seconds within the action phases are legal.

MOSS Files

When asked, teams must be able to present their MOSS files to the admins of the tournament.



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