PS4 – Rainbow 6 Siege

Raving Mad Gamerz is planning on hosting a tournament starting mid to End January, so go to and register today to stand a chance to compete.

The AST10 will comprise of three stages:

  • Stage 1 – Qualifier (5 Stage Round Robin)
  • Stage 2 – Ladder (Open to Top 10 from Stage 1)
  • Stage 3 – Single Mixed Pot Elimination of top 5 teams (Open to top 5 teams from stage 2)

1. Qualifier round

This round will consist of 3 matches per team in a round robin style format.

The Scoring

100 points per win, and  0 points per loss

2. Ladder Round

After the qualifier round has complete, teams may challenge each other on the Leader-board ladder.

  1. Teams may only challenge 1 team above them on the ladder.
  2. Challenges shall be arranged by captains on discord Siege challenge channel
  3. Teams not playing a match per shall loose their spot in the ladder and move down
  4. cores shall be submitted as stipulated in Code of Conduct

The Scoring

Pink Slips shall be enforced, teams are playing for their spot on the ladder, losers shall move down or remain below the winners

3. Elimination

Standard seeded single elimination semi final and final



Badges Awards

Ladder 3rd place

Ladder 2nd Place

Ladder 1st place

Most kills in AST10