Raving Mad Gamerz Rule Set, and Code of Conduct



This rules, and code of conduct  applies to all Teams, Team Owners, Team Managers, Team Staff, Players, and Substitutes(“​ Participants​ ”) who are actively participating in the Competition or any event related to the Competition.
Raving Mad Gamerz Staff and Admin reserves the right to amend, remove, or change the rules for any reason at any time without prior notice.

Raving Mad Gamerz Admin reserves the right to make judgment on cases not specifically covered in this rule Page in order to preserve the spirit of fair competition and sportsmanship.

Participants are responsible for understanding and operating on the latest version of these rules at all times.

Raving Mad Gamerz Reserves the right to exercise necessary authority without limitation to protect the interests of the game franchise or partners, associates, affiliates or sponsors.

Should at any time this rule set be presented in a court of Law, the validity of this rules set shall not become null and void.

All communication with Raving Mad Gamerz Admin is strictly confidential. The publication of such material without explicit consent is strictly prohibited and will result in a penalty.


Player Eligibility


A “Player”is defined as anyone who is registered on a teams roster submitted by the Team Manager of the team during the registration process ( Where to Register )

Raving Mad Gamerz Admin reserve the right to investigate players information where Eligibility is in question.

Players should be prepared to provide a copy of personal identification or other documentation to verify if the following requirements are met.

Any player / Team that has received a “banned”status from Raving Mad Gamerz admin shall not be accepted into any tournament, LAN, events or any other aspect that has to do with Raving Mad Gamerz or any of its affiliations.


Participants shall comply to the age restriction of specific games and franchises. If parental guidance is specified, a consent form may be requested from Raving Mad Gamerz Admin. Team Owners / Managers to ensure that players comply to Age Requirements.

Region & Residency

Raving Mad Gamerz is south African Based, and we require all players to reside in South Africa or play within South African borders unless note A applies.

Note A: Applications can be made to Raving Mad Gamerz with proof if pings are consistently the same as south African players. Proof shall be submitted 2 weeks before registration closes for RMGZ Admin to do a full inquiry into the application. Failure to do so, shall result in a removal from the tournament, and tampered proof shall result in a BAN from all RMGZ tournaments for the team.


Player Restrictions

Player Names

Raving Mad Gamerz Admin reserve the right to restrict or change players names at any time during the registration process of teams.

Changing spelling or any other attempt to change to avoid compliance with the following requirements shall result in a ban from all Raving Mad Gamerz Tournaments.

  • Player name may not include sponsors
  • Player name may not include product name
  • Player name may not include any promotional / commercial
  • player name shall comply to this code of conduct
  • Player name shall not be Offensive/Vulgar/Derogatory or anything that is considered against this policy by RMGZ admin

Team Limitations

Players may not register for more than one team in the same Raving Mad Gamerz tournament

Region Limitations

Players may not compete in more than one region


Players may use personal sponsorships, however Raving Mad Gamerz Admin reserve the right to restrict sponsorship involvement that fall into the following categories:

  • Products and services from direct competitors
  • Account selling, sharing or trading websites
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs of any kind
  • Pornography
  • Gambling websites
  • anything considered illegal in South African

Additional Agreements

Raving Mad Gamerz is not responsible to enforce any agreements made between players and other entities.

All agreements of this kind shall comply to the Raving Mad Gamerz rule set

Player Accounts

A “player account”or “Gamer Tag”is the name the player is know by on the various formats that the player will be competing.

A Registered player is defined as the player name that reflects on the Raving Mad Gamerz rosters as registered by the Team Manager / Owner for the specific tournament, the players name shall be exactly the same as reflected on the match screenshot or any other game related proof of the completed match. Any other name will be seen as unregistered.

Players shall submit all necessary information needed from Raving Mad Gamerz Admin to compete in a tournament.

Raving Mad Gamerz admin can contact any player at anytime should we require addition information to ensure player accounts are valid and submitted correctly even after a game.

Using an Incorrect game account, name, or playing on another account is prohibited. If there is sufficient evidence that a the player in question indeed played the match, the player in question shall be banned from all RMGZ tournaments.

No Alt accounts or name changes shall be accepted as the will be seen as unregistered accounts

Banned Players shall remain banned, even if account names are changed, should Raving Mad Gamerz admin uncover proof that a banned player is playing within one of our tournaments, the Player and Team shall be banned from all Raving Mad Gamerz tournaments. All Team Managers / Owners should inquire if players have been banned from RmGz admin prior to entering them into a RmGz Tournament / Event.


A photo will be taken to serve as the official Player head shot. Players should notify Administration if they have not taken a photo. (LANs Only)

Documentation or Other Miscellaneous Requests

Documentation and other Miscellaneous requirements may be requested by Raving Mad Gamerz admin during the course or lead up to a tournament. If a Participant fails to provide the required documentation to the admins needs, the participant shall receive a penalty in the tournament the documentation was required.

Team Eligibility

A “Team” is defined as the  starting players in the Active roster and the up to 1 substitute (Mandatory) submitted during the registration process. Team shall meet the following player base requirements to compete in Raving Mad Gamers tournaments, failure to comply during the registration shall result in the team not being eligible to complete.

Raving Mad Gamerz admin reserve the right to investigate team information where eligibility is in question.

Teams should be prepared to provide screenshots of line ups / rosters and Region and Residency proof if required.

Teams must register all their players and provide all necessary information required by Raving Mad Gamerz as described to the registration page to be allowed to compete. Failure to comply with this shall result in Teams being denied entrance into Raving Mad Gamerz tournaments.

Registrations much be completed before registrations close dates for all tournaments

All player registrations must reside in south Africa unless note A applies.

Team Restrictions

Raving Mad Gamers reserve the right to restrict or change team names and logos for any reason at any time. Using an alternative spelling or any other means to mask compliance is strictly prohibited

  • Team names and Logos may include one Sponsor name
  • Team Names and logos may not include extensions (Eg Cod Team)
  • Team names and Logos may not include any commercial, product name or description
  • Team Names and Logos may not include any word purely commercial
  • Team Names and Logos may not include any references to religion, sexism, pornography or any other biased descriptions
  • Teams shall provide Raving Mad Gamerz Admin with abbreviations in Discord during registration, failure shall result in Raving Mad Gamerz admin providing an abbreviation for the team. Such actions shall not be disputed.
  • Team names and Logos shall comply to this rule set and code of conduct
  • Team names and Logos shall comply to all players restriction mentioned in this ruleset
  • Team names and logos shall comply to the code of conduct
  • Teams shall only do name changes during transfer windows or before 48 Hours of the first game
  • Team name changes may only be done if 80% of the team players remain the same (New team to be created if less than 80%)

Team Accounts and Ownership

A “Team Account” is a virtual account for each team in the competitive list or team tabs / Website. Teams shall submit all necessary information required by Raving Mad Gamerz Admin before, during or after Tournaments as required.

Team Owners / Mangers are responsible to request changes on their teams from Raving Mad Gamerz admin. Team Owners / Managers shall be registered on the website and shall link their name to the team as required in discord, failure to do so shall result in team management not being done and all associated penalties shall be at the team owners cost.

Raving Mad Gamerz shall not take any responsibility for team owners not updating and implementing team changes in due time as required by Raving Mad Gamerz.

All Team Changes shall be done in Discord by the Bot Commands, Contact RmGz Admin should you need assistance in this regard.

Transfer of Team Account

Team Owners / Managers may request a transfer of the team account from one Owner / Manager to another if there is sufficient proof to do so. Raving Mad Gamerz Admin reserves the right to get both team captains in a private channel to ensure the correct and sufficient information is submitted prior to do the change.

Raving Mad Gamerz Admin reserves the right to change any  the team account if required for any reason should it be required to do so.

Team Account Withdrawal

Raving Mad Gamerz Admin reserves the right to withdraw any team account at any time. Teams not abiding to this rule set risk having their team profile withdrawn. in the event that a Team account has been revoked, players will remain in the competition and will be allowed to join other teams in transfer windows, if necessary.

Teams withdrawing after Fixtures have been created, eg 1 week before the first game, shall have withdrawn badges added to their Team profiles and receive penalties as stated on the Team reward page, they will also have an infringement penalty added to their profile. The Team Profile will also be added to the Team Withdraw channel in discord, to allow admins and teams to be aware of the forfeit required during the tournaments. Each match shall be forfeited in the entire tournament and shall be shown on the relevant Leaderboard.

A forfeit shall count 20% towards a withdraw

Any Team or Organization withdrawing from 3 tournaments shall be banned from taking part in any Raving Mad Gamerz tournaments

Team Roles and Responsibilities

Team Owner

“Team Owners” are the owner of a team or teams within the competition, they are the only representatives that may authorize a change of team accounts.  Team Managers may serve as Team Owners should they only be in control of one team.


“Team Managers” are representatives appointed by the Team Owners and are responsible and not limited to, the Day to Day communication, arranging, doing map selections, player accounts, Team rosters, Competition structure, match procedures, game rules, code of conduct, prize money and content creation for their team.


“Player”are the individuals that are registered to complete on a team Roster. Players shall comply to all the Eligibility and roster rules. Players may not request any changes in Team accounts, Roster or any other team management functions.

Players may compete in other teams in Knockout tournaments or if otherwise stated.

To be eligible for a player to compete in Stage Playoffs, a player must have competed in at least 3 qualifier matches in the tournament. Players looking to join other teams within the same tournament, shall have the Team Owner / Manager of his current Team request the change and reasons for the change from the Raving Mad Gamerz Owner. Raving Mad Gamerz reserves the right to deny the change should it not comply to this rule set, or any other reason deemed fit for the decision.


“Reserves” are individuals who registered to compete on a team within Raving Mad Gamerz tournaments. Reserves shall comply to all rules and requirements stated in this rule set.

Reserves may compete in other teams in Knockout tournaments or if otherwise stated. To be eligible for a reserve to compete in Stage Playoffs, the reserve must have been on the roste for at least 3 matches in the qualifier round.

Team Movement and Player Movement

Roster Submission

Team Rosters become subject to this rule set soon as they pre-register for any tournament by the team owner / manager

Teams may not change more than 50% of their roster line up during transfer windows.

Should a team not achieve this, they shall request a “more than required” change from Raving Mad Gamerz admin. Raving Mad Gamerz reserve the right to deny the request should it be considered that this change is detrimental to the current tournament and divisions. Raving Mad Gamerz admin decision shall be final and not disputed

Only registered players may be used in Raving Mad Gamerz Tournaments, If an unregistered player is used, loss of the match shall be awarded.  Scores shall not be compensated with another game, and if the score become equal for the match due to the loss, the team who used the unregistered player shall receive a loss for the match.

Team Managers / Owners may request a name change prior to 48 hours before the scheduled match, provided they submit the proof of the name chance clearly showing the previous name.


Team managers may choose to have their substitutes complete in the place of a qualified player at any time. Reserve players may start a match or join a match between games at any time.

It is prohibited for a reserve to join a game in progress. Once a game has started, Teams may not change the line up for the entire game. Reserves may also compete in LAN tournaments should the be required by Team Owners / Managers.

Roster Changes

A change is considered to the  addition or subtraction of a player / players from the  roster of the Team.

Teams may freely make changes to rosters during the transfer windows set out by admin. Tournament shall have transfer windows during stages to accommodate team changes, provided the original 60% of players remain as previously specified

Teams may not do any roster changes during roster locked periods, name changes will be allowed prior to 48 hours of the scheduled game.

Removing Players

Teams may remove players at any time during the tournament provided, the team must not have less than 5 players including reserves to complete in the tournament.

Removing players can be done in discord via the Raving Mad Gamerz Bot

Trading Players

A trade is a roster change where one player is exchanged for another between 2 teams.

This is permitted provided The Team Owner contacts Raving Mad Gamerz Admin, to request the change. Raving Mad Gamerz reserves the right to deny the request provided we submit reasons why to the Team Owner / Manager. This may only be done in Transfer window or before the tournament is scheduled.

Raving Mad Gamerz will not accept any player/s moving from one team to another in the same tournament during transfer windows, unless it is from the same organization / Clan. Such movements may only be done at the beginning of new seasons.

Requesting a Roster Change

Team Owners or Team managers are responsible to do the changes to Team rosters on the Team accounts. There changes may only happen during transfer windows, or before the tournament is scheduled to start. Roster changes must be submitted 48 hours before the first match is scheduled to start in the tournament. Roster changes may not be made between match days and shall only be done in specified transfer windows.

Roster changes must be authorized by Team owners / managers of all involved teams before the request will be considered for approval.

Releasing information regarding roster changes that have not been formally approved by admin is prohibited and may result in a penalty.

Roster changes should be done via the Raving Mad Gamerz Bot, if players already exist in the data base, if they have never been registered in the data base, then a register a team form should be filled in

Roster Locks

Roster locks shall be enforced soon as the week begins of the tournament.. Eg if the first game is schedule for the Monday, the roster lock shall come into effect 24 hours before the first schedule game. Any changes made to the roster after the schedule time shall be null and void, and the team may incur penalties.

No changes will be allowed to teams, however Team Owners / Managers may request a player name change provided it is 48 hours before the scheduled match and proof is provided of player name change showing the previous name.

Raving Mad Gamerz Bot Team Manager Requirements

  • Linking of your player name to the bot in discord
  • Linking your team to your player name (If this is not done, the team will not be entered)
  • Creating the match channel via the Raving Mad Gamerz Bot
  • Tagging the opponent when the bot requires their input with the @name
  • Setting the Time and Date Via the Raving Mad Gamerz Bot
  • Checking in at the set time via the Raving Mad Gamerz Bot
  • Doing the match Result after the Game via the Raving Mad Gamerz Bot
  • Posting the match screenshots via the Raving mad Gamerz Bot
  • Changing of players
  • Joining other leagues / seasons
  • If the match channel is not created by Sunday 6pm the match will automatically be forfeited

Tournament Withdraw

Any team withdrawing from a tournament shall receive a withdraw badge on their team profile from RMGZ Admin

Competitive structure

Generic Tournament Structure (Unless otherwise noted)

5 week qualifier – Random generator used to determine opponents
(Transfer window in week 5)
Leader boards will be created from all teams and divided in anything from 6s to 10s dependent on the amount of teams that enter.
Divisions Round Robin’s will be created within those division, …. so everyone has an opportunity to compete within their skill bracket.
(This duration is dependent in entered teams) (Transfer window on week 7)
Playoffs of the 4 top teams after the round Robin to see the best of the best per division.. and crowned winner.. this will happen as a Lan event
should all teams entered, enter into the next season.. relegation matches will be held for top on lower tiers to qualify for higher tier division.. if not.. the process will start again for the next season
See how-our-league-works channel for exact dates on tournaments

Online events and Match Guidelines

Team Owner/ Manager Responsibly

Team owners / Managers are responsible to ensure the following is in order before matches start.

  • Checking Team Line ups before a match and reporting if infringement is found before the game begins.
  • Reporting no shows to Raving Mad Gamerz admin promptly
  • Announcing the Ready to proceed to start the match
  • Ensuring all players conduct conforms to this rule set
  • Submitting end results into discord and updating the match information on the website

Load Shedding Regulations

With Load Sheding on the Rise in South Africa, It is sometime hard for teams to know what steps to take, here is some guidelines to follow should you find yourself in this situation, this rule only applies if load shedding is posted out by eskom.

  • Guide:

  • Team managers to check all players load shedding schedules before suggesting a time and date for a game, ensuring that all of his team members will be available to play.
  • Be open and transparent with the other team manager with regards to scheduling and time management
  • Communicate with reserves to be available on the time of the game should they be called due to DC players. We suggest each team have a minimum of 3 reserves available
  • Schedule your game for early in the week, so should you need to reschedule, there will still be time before the Sunday deadline.
  • Regulations:

  • If there is no way the game can continue, RMGZ will automatically reschedule the game for the following night 8 pm.(Default)
  • If a team has already booked a game for that time, RmGz admin may moved it to the following night 8 pm
  • Proof of load sheding schedules must be provided to RMGZ admin on request, should the postponement be suspected
  • Teams with less that the prescribed reserves will not be granted postponement as they did not plan sufficiently for the event
  • Teams with reserves, but do not make use of their reserves due to the reserves lack of availability will not be granted a postponement.
  • Teams must ensure that their reserves are available.
  • RMGZ will not grant postponement more than once for a specific game.
  • If the game cannot be played the following day after being postponed, the No Show rules shall apply

 Pre-match set up

Match Scheduling or Rescheduling

All matches are set for default time of Sunday nights 6pm, (unless otherwise specified),  however matches Shall be arranged between Team Managers to be played anytime between Monday 6 am  and Sunday 8 pm, all scores must be in before Sunday 9 pm to be scored.

If Team managers do not respond to requests within 3 days from the initial request from the opponent, the time and date shall be set to default time and a match forfeit shall be awarded to the team not responding.

After the date and time has been set by team Managers using the Raving Mad Gamerz Bot it shall not be changed unless RMGZ and captain’s are notified 4 hours before the set time. If it is not within 4 hours the game shall be played, any team not attending, the “No Show” shall apply. RMGZ Admin shall then reset the bot and Team managers shall redo the Time and Date, this shall only be reset once.  If Team Managers fail to arrange a specified time between them,  the RMGZ default time shall be used, if one team does not show up at the default time, the opposing team shall provide proof that they are ready to play at the specified default time, and shall receive a win from Raving Mad Gamerz admin. If the Time and Date is not set using the Bot the game will be forfeited on Sunday 9 pm.

Any scores not submitted before Sunday 10pm,  shall be seen as not played and teams will be allocated a forfeit for the game.

Team managers / Captains are responsible to check that all players are registered prior to the beginning of the game and report it in the match channel and tag @rmgz admin

Players, Team managers or Team owners may not dispute a match schedule after the match has been played. The scores shall be final and logged in this manner.

If a mistake is made during the score submission the $matchscores reset may be used.

Check In

Teams are required to confirm with their Team Manager that they are available to play an 15 minutes before the match is scheduled to start. Team managers shall confirm with each other an 15 minutes before the match is schedule to start, they the teams are ready, the Raving Mad Gamerz bot shall issue a 15 minute reminder in the Match channel for these conformations to happen.

No Show

Raving Mad Gamerz admin shall be notified immediately if players will be late for a scheduled match.

Players from both Teams are expected to be present and in the game lobby ready to play 30 minutes before the schedule match time.

A 10 minute allowance shall be given to a team not showing up at the scheduled time, should the team not show up for the game, or have less than 4 players, that team  shall receive a forfeit for the game.

Delays caused by players that are not ready to complete at the scheduled time may result in a team score penalty being enforced.

Raving Mad Gamerz reserves the right to withdraw a team from any tournament and revoke their team account for repeated no shows.

Available teams shall post a screenshot and tag the applicable team manager 5 minutes before the scheduled time should the opposing team be a No Show.

Teams will be allowed to play with less than a full roster should they not be able to have a full registered roster available to play.


Teams are responsible for their own hardware and internet connections. Matches will not be rescheduled due to technical issues.

Communication Channels and Software

Communication with Raving Mad Gamerz Admin shall only be done in our discord, or via e-mail to info@ravingmadgamerz.com

Hosting& Side Selection

Discord shall be used for the map selection and side selection as stated in the game specific rules. Each game must be hosted by both sides unless otherwise agreed by the Team Owners / Managers.

The following shall apply to teams selecting to both host, and the team higher on the leader board will always select first.

  • Team A gets choice of which map they would like to host
  • Team B gets second choice on which map they would like to host
  • Team A gets third choice on which map they would like to host
  • Team B gets forth choice on which map they would like to host
  • Team A gets fifth choice on which map they would like to host

The host is responsible to ensure that all game settings are correct. All players must agree that the connection  to the host is adequate before start of game. Once the game is started, Teams may not dispute the connectivity or any other technical dispute as all agreed before the game start.

Mid Match

Stoppage of Play

Players may not end a game under any circumstance. Should  a game be stopped for whatever reason, Raving Mad Gamerz admin must be informed by both Team Owners  / Managers promptly. Failure to do so could result in score penalties.

Inviting additional players

Inviting additional players to the lobby is strictly prohibited and will be penalized with a score penalty.


If a player Disconnects during the Ban/ Protect/picking phase the player shall forfeit their pick/ban/protect selection if one has not been made already. The player must retry to join immediately, IF the player is unable to rejoin the game before the game begins, the game may be restarted with the same ban and protects.

If a player disconnects within the first 15 seconds of the game and no damage has been dealt or no points have been earned to the disconnect, the game will be restarted with the same bans and protects.

If a player disconnects after 15 seconds and / or damage or points have been earned the game must continue. The player must rejoin as soon as possible.

Reserves may not replace disconnected players during the game.

Following the end of the game, the affected team will have up to 10 minutes to provide a eligible roster before forfeiting the remained of the match..

Server crashes and Host drops

In the event of a server crash, the map will be restarted with the same bans and protects. Reserves may not replace a payer for a game affected by a server crash.

In the event that a host drops from the game causing all players to drop from the lobby, the hosting team will forfeit the game.

Breaks between games

There will be a 2 minute break between games for players to change setups / classes etc. Teams that fail to provide a full eligible roster by the end of the break may forfeit the remainder of the match.

The game will not be restarted for players that were not ready upon game start. Any player related delays may result in a score penalty.

Post Match

Game Ties

A game that ends in a tie shall be played from the beginning with the same bans and protects.


The result must be immediately added and confirmed by both parties in Discord applicable channel, using the Raving Mad Gamerz Bot, and the $matchresults command

Teams not submitting scores directly after the match shall be awarded a forfeit after 4 hours after match start time. TIme base matches shall be 30 minutes after the match has ended, penalties shall be incurred for late submittances.

Teams not submitting scores by 10pm Sunday Evening shall recieve a forfeit from RmGz Admin for that weeks game.

Specific scoreboards showing kills and members played must be submitted in the applicable game channel in Discord by no later than 9 pm Sunday for that week.

Raving Mad Gamers Admin will not update any player stats, eg kills, goals, deaths, shots etc, Should a team manager require such results, he shoulsd approach RmGZ admin to allow access in this regard.

Unregistered Players used shall receive a loss of the match for the team that used them, unless the is no report of the unregistered player being used from the opposing captain in the match channel.. If no report of the unregistered player can be found in the match channel and RmGZ admin find the infringement, the penalty shall be awarded as discussed further in the rule section.

The use of international players shall result in loss of game where the international player was used.


Raving Mad Gamerz will allow up to 15 minutes following the completion of the match for the result to be disputed. All match protests will be reviewed by Raving Mad Gamerz admin.

All protests of games, infringements of rules, withdrawal of teams during of before matches, unregistered players etc etc.. a ticket should be sent to RmGZ council using the support icon on the website.

Tickets should be detailed and provide enough evidence for the council to make a decision of the specified protest.

Raving Mad Gamerz council reserve the right to issue a replay of a game in the event that a game is played under unstable or illegitimate conditions. If the council deems that a rematch is necessary in order to settle a dispute, the match or game that is played shall nullify an void the previous one.

LAN events and Match Guidelines

Role of Referees


Referees are responsible for making judgments on every match related issue, question and situation which occurs before, during and immediately follow match play.

Their oversight includes, but is not limited to

  • Checking team lineup before match
  • Checking and monitoring players line of sight and match area
  • Announcing the beginning of the match
  • Issuing penalties in response to rule violations during the match
  • Confirming the end o the match and its result

Referee Conduct

At all times, referees shall conduct themselves in a professional manner, and shall issue rulings in an impartial manner.

Final Judgement

If a referee makes an incorrect judgement, the judgement may be subject to reversal. Raving mad Gamerz admin shall at their own discretion, evaluate the decision during, or after the match to determine the proper procedure was used to allow for fair decision. Raving Mad Gamerz admin may disallow the decision of the referee should it be deemed necessary. Raving Mad Gamerz admin will always have the final say in all decisions before, after and during matches.


Participants must wear appropriate team attire or attire that complies to clothing requirements . Raving Mad Gamerz Admin reserve the right to prohibit the use of clothing that is deemed inappropriate. Shirts provided by Raving Mad Gamerz must be worn on stage.

Gaming Area

Unless otherwise state, Participants may not bring or consume any food in the gaming area. Smoking is strictly prohibited. Exaggerated loud noises and offensive language is prohibited and may be punished with penalties such as disqualification.


Each Team must nominate at least one player to be available for interviews before, during or after the match. Raving Mad Gamerz reserves the right to choose which player to interview. Chosen players may not refuse to conduct an interview, such behavior may result in a penalty.

Press Conference / Signing / Photographs / Video Sessions

Teams are required to provide players to participate in press conferences, autographs signing, photo shoots, video shoots or otherwise upon request from Raving Mad Gamerz Admin.

Winners Ceremony

All participants may be required to stay in the tournament arena for the final winners ceremony after the final match.

Pre-match Setup

Match Rescheduling

All matched must be played in accordance with the Match Schedule provided by Raving Mad Gamerz Admin. Raving Mad Gamerz admin reserves the right to reschedule matches for any reason at any time.

No Show

The Match schedule is extremely important and keeping to the time or accelerating the schedule is at the discretion of the Raving Mad Gamerz event co-coordinator. Players are expected to be ready to play at any time of the event as required by the Raving Mad Gamerz Co-Coordinator.

All payers are expected to be present with a full eligible roster 90 minutes before the schedule game. A team thst cannot provide a full and eligible roster 10 minutes before the scheduled match will automatically forfeit the match and receive a score loss penalty . Under no circumstances may a team start a game with less that 4 players.

Delays caused by players that are not ready to compete at the scheduled time may result in a disqualification. Raving Mad Gamerz admin reserves the right to withdraw a Team account from any team with repeated no shows.

Warm Ups

A period of 30 minutes may be provided before a scheduled match, this time period is not guaranteed though.


Raving Mad Gamerz will provide Monitors and Consoles to be used for the Competition (Unless otherwise stated). Participants must bring their own controllers, in-ear headphones, and any other equipment needed. Participants may bring headsets for use on warm u station. Provided headsets must be used while on-stage. Equipment must include cables of reasonable length.

Participants required to supply their own equipment must ensure that all cables, plugs, two-pins etc etc are brought with for their use.

Removable Media

Connection or using removable media on the tournament equipment without prior examination and approval from Raving Mad Gamerz is strictly forbidden and prohibited.

Note: all rules are applicable to online and offline games unless Raving Mad Gamerz admin deems it not to be.

Code of Conduct

All participants are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner, reflecting positively on Franchise, Raving Mad Gamerz admin, Affiliates, PRess, Attendees, and other participants being represented.

By participating in any of Raving Mad Gamerz tournaments, participants agree to abide by the following code of conduct.

Competitive Integrity

Best ability

Participants are expected to compete at the best of their ability at all times.

Betting and Gambling

Participants shall not conduct or promote any act of betting or gambling on any Raving Mad Gamerz matches. Participants shall not benefit directly or indirectly from betting or gambling within the Raving Mad Gamerz tournaments.


Participants shall not conduct any collusion or promote any act of collusion. Collusion is defined as any agreement among two or more participants or confederates to disadvantage opposing participants.

Collusion includes, but is not limited to:

  • Soft play
  • Agreeing to a rule set outside of Raving Mad Gamerz rule set
  • Pr e-arranging to split prize money and/ or any other form of compensation
  • Sending or receiving signals, electronic or otherwise, from a confederate to/from a participant
  • Deliberately loosing a game for compensation, or any other reason, or attempting to induce anther participant to do so.

Match Fixing

Participants shall not offer, agree, conspire, or attempt to influence the outcome of a Game or Match by any means that are prohibited by Law or this rule set.

Bribery and Gifts

Participants shall not receive or offer any gifts or reward to or from anyone for services promised, rendered, or to be rendered in connection wit the tournament. The sole exception to this rule is the case where a team pays the participant for performance in the team the participant plays for.


Participants shall not conduct or promote any act of hacking or modifying any part of the platform used to play or the game being played on. Participants promoting or suspected of using modifies devices or 3rd party devices accounts shall be removed from Raving Mad Gamerz.

Participants suspected shall receive a ban from all raving mad Gamerz tournaments for an undisclosed time.


Participants shall not conduct or promote any act of cheating or the use of any device and / or cheat program, or any other cheating method.

If a team wishes to accuse a player or players of another team of cheating in a Tournament match, they must provide proof in the discord channel to the tournament council and opposing accused team rep available.

If the accusing team is found to have given a false accusation, they will be penalized with a loss of the match.

Spectator Monitors

Participants shall not conduct or promote any act of looking at or attempting to look at spectator monitors or live streams to get an advantage during tournaments.

Teams may not stream stream their own games where one team is hosting for both unless a representative is in the chat party of the streamer from the opposing team to to ensure no foul play can be done.

The opposing team must also give permission to the team to do the stream, should the opposing team refuse, the team shall not stream the game, should the game be streamed the team streaming shall be awarded a loss for that game.


Participants shall not conduct or promote any act of ringing or playing under another players account during the tournaments, this includes the players own additional accounts that are not registered on the eligible team account.

Intentional Disconnection

Participants shall not conduct or promote any act of intentionally disconnecting from any game. All players must remain in an official game for the entirety of the game.


Participants shall not conduct or promote any act of exploiting or intentionally using any in-game bug to seek an advantage. Exploiting may include, but is not limited to, abuse of glitches or taking advantage of unlimited game features to gain an unfair advantage


Profanity and Hate Speech

Participants may not use language that is deemed by Raving Mad Gamerz Admin to be Obscene, foul, vulgar, insulting,threatening, abusive, libelous, slanderous, defamatory or otherwise offensive or objective able; or promote or incite hatred or discriminatory conduct before, during or after any match. Participants may not use this sort of language on social media or during any public facing events such as streaming, interviews etc. Language that is deemed to be in violation of this code of conduct is punishable at the sole discretion of Raving Mad Gamerz.

Any team provoking, insulting or any other form of disrespectful communication to their opponents in game chat shall receive a  penalty and/or forfeit of match if proof is provided by their opponents to Raving Mad Gamerz Admin

If any team streams in POV or hosts a game and any disrespectfully speak is reported to Raving Mad GAmerz Admin the team streaming shall receive the same penalty as above.

Only Captains may communicate any technical resolutions with regards too game outcomes, score, re-hosts, rematches and any other decisions that would be needed for the score outcome to be posted in Discord

Disruptive Behavior / Insults

Participants may not take any action or perform any gestures directed at the Franchise, Raving Mad Gamerz, Affiliates, Press, Attendees, or other Participants which is insulting, mocking, disruptive or antagonistic, or to incite any other individual(s) to do the same.

Abusive Behavior

Abuse of Franchise, Raving Mad Gamerz Admin, Affiliates, Attendees or any other Participants will not be tolerated both for online and LAN events. Repeated violations including but not limited to touching another players system, body or property will result in penalties. Participants and their guests mush treat all individuals with respect.


Harassment of any kind is strictly prohibited.


Participants may not offend the dignity of a country, private person or group of people though contemptuous or discriminatory words or actions on account of race, skin color, ethnic or social origin, gender language, religion, political opinion or any other opinion, financial status, birth or any other status, sexual orientation or any other reason.

Criminal Activity

Participants my not engage  in any activity which is prohibited by common law, which leads to or may be reasonably deemed to likely lead to conviction in any court.


No participant may refuse or fail to apply the reasonable instruction or decision of Raving Mad Gamerz Admin.


Participants are expected to respond to requests from Admin in a timely manner. Failure to do so may result in penalties or other sanctions.


Rules and Conduct Violations

Raving Mad Gamerz reserves the right to investigate any instance in which a rule or the code of conduct may be violated. Participants shall provide as much information as possible regarding violations upon request. Participants who withhold information or attempt to mislead Admin are subject to penalties.

Raving Mad Gamerz Admin reserves the right to issue, without limitation of its authority, penalties at its sole discretion upon discovery of any conduct violation, outlined in this rule set and code of conduct.

Raving Mad Gamerz reserves the right to disqualify, suspend, or ban any team, or Participant for any reason at any time depending of the severity of an infraction. Repeated infractions may result in more sever penalties, including being banned from all Raving Mad Gamerz tournaments.

Any open spots will be filled by the sole discretion of Raving Mad Gamerz Admin.

Issuing of Penalties

Unless otherwise noted, penalties will be dealt solely on the participant or player in question, However depending on the severity of the infringement, a Team may also be penalized for the following, and not limited to, infringements

  • 5 point deduction
  • 10 points deduction
  • 20 point deduction
  • Forfeit of map selection for team
  • Forfeit of side selection for team
  • Forfeit of host for team
  • Fines and prize deductions
  • Forfeiting travel expense compensation
  • Game forfeit
  • Match Forfeit
  • Suspension
  • Disqualification
  • Banning

Penalties will always be imposed in a successive manner

Other Infringements incurring Penalties

Withdrawing from a tournament

Any Infringement that leads to a kill, that team looses the Round of that infringement.

If both teams Infringe on the same map, the winner of the map stays, no deduction for infringements

All infringements must have proof provided to Raving Mad Gamerz Admin before claim of infringements are made

Any false accusations of infringements, the team accusing shall be penalized for an infringement

The excessive posting of senseless, harassing or offensive messages in discord

The attempt to mislead admins or other players, using false information, or in any other way deceive other participants

If a team is caught entering false match results into discord

Any players involved in faking or ringing a player will be barred for 2 matches

Using a disallowed player or non registered player, even if it is only a name change or 2nd account..

Any attempts to deceive opposing players, admins, or anyone else related to the Raving Mad Gamerz tournament

Insulting of players during matches

Any form of cheating / hacking / Glitching 3rd party devices, m&k on console  or dishonesty (Disqualification)

Any infringement of any statement or rule within this rule set or code of conduct.

Any infringement of the cup specific rule or rules.

Any sort of discrimination towards RmGz or its admin shall result in a permanent ban from the duration of the infringement. Should a name change be done on the associated account and RmGz admin becomes aware that a banned player is competing, the ban shall be enforce immediately, and is at the RmGz admin discretion to ban the team associated with the Banned player.

Using an international player shall result in a loss of game

Late submittance of scores via the bot shall receive a 5 point penalty per 6 hours


The penalty for any infringements shall be as stated above issuing of penalties