Game Format: African Summer League

Match format: Best of 5

Fielded players: 3
Players per team: 3
Reserves per team: Recommended 1
Roster Lock: ON –  On – Transfer Window is week 5

Points allocation for teams withdrawing:

Format of tournament

Round Robin League: BO5

Semi Finals and Finals: BO5

LANs – BO5 and BO7 for semi finals and finals


Rule Set:


  • Stadium: DFH Stadium (day version).
  • Server:
  • Enable cross-play.
  • Mutators: Default.
  • The highest seed will host.
  • Lobby details must be provided to your opponent on Discord.
  • Matches must start within 15 minutes. If a match hasn’t started in 15 minutes, the player responsible for the hold-up will be disqualified.
  • Players are allowed to reset their lobbies if they are having latency problems:
    – They should do so immediately as they join the match, before the match has started.
    – If a goal has not been scored within the 1st min.
    – If a goal has been scored in the 1st min, you are not allowed to restart.
    – After 1 minute of game time has expired, you are not allowed to restarts regardless of the score.
  • There will be a maximum of 5 minutes in-between games for bathroom breaks, sorting out connection issues, etc. If the next game hasn’t started within 5 minutes, the player responsible for the hold-up will be disqualified.
  • Contact the Battlemaster on the RMGZ Discord Rocket League General channel with the@battlemaster Rocket League Tag
  • Players must reside within South Africa.
  • If your game is streamed by our casters, wait for them to provide you with the lobby details and to tell you when to join.
  • May only be implemented if both Team Captains agree to have Spectators on either team/s
All games must be arranged by Captains on RMGZ discord, and if no time can be agreed on, default time is 8pm Sunday


Community Guidelines:

We encourage people to play in our tournaments and interact with each other via our live chat during streams. However, we have a zero tolerance policy toward hate-based chat. Sexism, racism, homophobia, bullying, harassment or other toxic speech can result in time-outs or even permanent bans from games and live chat. Please be kind and respect others.