Carnage Rangers


Winner of The AOWC 2018

African Open Tournament, MLBT, Open African Tournament

Carnage Rangers

#PlayerTeamPositionKD RatioKillsDeathsAssists
south africannOt toXicCarnage RangersSub0.50360
south africanPreshPillayCarnage RangersSub0.67460
south africanJc_09Carnage RangersPlayer0.00000
south africanWihan4Carnage RangersPlayer0.7512160
south africanPudkisCarnage RangersPlayer4.713370
south africanFulltiltGodCarnage RangersSub0.699130
south africanTimidNebulaCarnage RangersSub1.5323150
south africanLukeGreenCarnage RangersSub4.00820
south africanThe donCarnage RangersPlayer0.00000
rsareallycrapCarnage RangersPlayer0.8310120

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